Why Should You Join the Citizens Aviation Watch Association?

On February 11, 1994, an Executive Order was issued by the President that stated:
"All communities and persons across this Nation should live in a safe and healthful environment."

This includes everyone currently affected by airport and aircraft noise and pollution. We must all take action to protect our environment.

Together we are stronger: A number of cities, townships, civic and grassroots groups across the country have joined forces -- together. The founding members consist of some of the more experienced groups in the country who alone have been actively fighting airport (more flights) expansion, noise, air and water pollution, property devaluation and for better safety regulations and other quality of life issues for decades. We are civic minded and want to ensure an accountable, equitable and sustainable aviation industry. We are also able to share important information and tactics between ourselves and other international organizations, giving us a global outreach.

Joining together is most important. Making this a national issue and one major action instead of hundreds of separate, isolated, poorly funded and unorganized actions is the key. We are bringing all the talent that local organizations have under one roof. US-CAW is working to put together a professional staff -- medical, aerospace, educational, legal, etc. We are also building coalitions with other national organizations.

Local groups are US-CAW! We have learned over the decades that we need to fight together, share information and resources. We work together sharing the workload and expertise. Local groups, in order to be successful, must fight and be guided under one organized umbrella. Also, experience has taught that fighting "just noise" alone will not work. It must be a comprehensive fight of all the public health, safety, property and environmental issues.

Another reason to join us is that we are unique. No group like ours has ever been formed before, due primarily to the difficulty in pulling together so many citizens' organizations, municipalities, environmental organizations, noise groups, etc. from all over the world.

Hopefully, you will want to join us so that we can lend your name, number of members in your group, concerns to our cause. Please tell other organizations about us.

The fight may be local, but, the battle is in Washington, DC. We are not out there fighting for you, but with you.

How to Join US-CAW:

The cost for an organization to join us is only $100.
** Organizations have voting and certain rights. If you can afford more, we would greatly appreciate the donation.

To be considered for membership see below, or please send a bio on your group with your primary concerns, primary contact person and e-mail address, mailing address, phone and fax numbers along with the membership fee to:

97-37 63rd Rd. 15e
Rego Park, NY 11374
Phone/Fax: 718.275.3932


For more information and a membership application (in PDF format), click here.



President Dr. Frans C. Verhagen - New York Steven Debreceny - Baltimore
Vice-president Debi Wagner - Seattle Rae Andre - Boston
    Joe Parrish - Newark/Teterboro

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