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AviationWatch is a national e-mail news and discussion forum for activists, professionals and individuals concerned with noise, environment, public health and other quality of life issues related to aviation. Aviation and airport activities have adverse environmental impacts on public health, air/water/ground/noise pollution and property, affecting everyone on our planet. Anyone advocating a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry is welcome.

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Noise Links

Aviation Noise Law
Airport and Aviation Noise Links
The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Aviation Noise Page
Community Noise (All Sources)
Safety, Health, and Hearing Organizations

! Tipp-Monroe Airport Task Force Tipp-Monroe Airport Task Force unanimously agrees that the Dayton International Airporairport expansion is unwarranted. The group consists of elected and appointed officials and citizens who provide representation on behalf of Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Miami County. TMATF’s is to inform and educate the public concerning the issues surrounding the proposed Dayton International Airport expansion. 

Airport Noise Pollution: Is There a Solution in Sight? (in PDF format)
An article from the Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, Vol. 26:769 1999.
Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobar Reader.

Airport Noise: 15 Ways to Quiet the Skies

Noise and Health
From Prof. W. Holland, Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise, June 1997.

1997 Energy, Environment & Natural Resources: Noise Control
This text is from the Department of Energy and is a section of the National Municipal Policy adopted by the National League of Cities (Section 2, produced by the Committee on Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources).
The fact this text has been adopted by the National League of Cities should be a powerful weapon against municipal owners of noisy airports. Is your city a member of NLC?

Environmental Links
Tracking the Skies:  An Airline-Based System for Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Civil Aviation.  "This Article examines options for controlling GHG emissions from civil aviation; specifically, it explores methods for tracking, reporting, and limiting GHG emissions from international civil aviation. It recommends a system that establishes legally binding limits on total international civil aviation emissions from industrialized nations. 

The Centre for Sustainable Transportation/Le Centre pour le transport durable
The Airfields Environment Trust (AET) was founded in 1978 to advance knowledge and understanding of aviation's environmental and amenity impacts, through research and education. 
National Resources Defense Council
FAA's Airport Environmental Handbook
The Humane Society of the United States
EPA Aviation Emissions
University of California-Riverside, Center for Environmental Research and Technology
A resource for the latest in air pollution control technologies.

Governmental Links
Federal Aviation Administration
US-Environmental Protection Agency
The Code of Federal Regulations

Health Links

Airports: Deadly Neighbors
AReCO: Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare

US-CAW Homepage