US-CAW ACTIVITIES: Letter to President Clinton

November 8, 1997

President Bill Clinton
Executive Office of The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Sir:

In a letter to you from the City of New York, Borough of Queens, seven members of Congress stated that two million people were adversely affected by environmental pollution and other consequences of operations at LaGuardia Airport. (9/10/97) The situation was described as intolerable.

Another example: Millions of citizens living near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport already carry an enormous burden to public health, environment, vehicular traffic, safety and other adverse conditions caused by existing airport operations of approximately 1,000,000 flights annually.

Recently, Illinois Congressmen Henry Hyde and Jessie Jackson, Jr. wrote to relevant federal agencies, “(their) concerns that your agencies are not only failing to properly enforce relevant federal laws as they relate to this problem — but also to voice our worry that some of your agencies may actually be active participants in fostering and encouraging violations of federal laws and policies relating to this problem.” (10/1/97)

If the airport pollution is calculated correctly, I believe that O’Hare Airport is, probably one of the largest, if not the largest, single, man-made source polluters in the world. Many of the world's larger airports would also be in this category.

While recognizing the importance of aviation, we also see first-hand the damage that the industry causes. We are seriously troubled about the existing conditions of air-water-ground-noise pollution, safety risks and damage to public health to possibly millions, living just near Chicago's O’Hare Airport. We have this concern of airports all over our nation.

When considering the massive predicted increases in aviation, the environmental situation is already totally unacceptable. Recently, these issues have generated concern worldwide.

We ask for your attention to this matter. The FAA and other various agencies have not been attentive to the people's needs. Decades of abuse and complaints have shown that high-tech aviation industry "fixes" have not worked in the real world.

As I mentioned to you in an earlier e-mail there are answers to the problem, one being High-Speed Rail.

I have attached a summary from a recent health study that shows the devastating affects that airport pollution has on human health (p. #2). I hope and pray that this might be the catalyst to generate permanent, meaningful relief for all the countless American people that are affected.

Thank you.

Most respectfully yours,

Jack Saporito
President, US-Citizens Aviation Watch
Director, Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare

c: The Vice President A. Gore

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