US-CAW ACTIVITIES: Lawsuit against Baltimore Washington and Chicago O'Hare International Airports

The US-Citizens Aviation Watch (US-CAW), Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. (NRDC), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the Airport Environmental Coalition (AEC) and Alliance of Residents Concerning OíHare (AReCO) filed a notice of intent to sue Baltimore Washington International Airport and Chicago OíHare International Airport. These actions were taken because we have found each airport to be in violation of more than 100 federal environmental laws, including the Clean Water and the Community Right-to-Know Acts, and the Superfund Law. The coalition of environmental groups has found that these airports have been polluting ground and surface water in and around the airports with regard to their aircraft deicing operations. This action comes after finding that 45 out of 50 of the nationís busiest airports are located near bodies of water. Given the massive amounts of the chemicals used in de-icing, anti-icing and runway operations, the control and disposal of deicing chemicals, and their additives, constitute a significant water pollution issue, health hazard and environmental threat. We supect that many, if not most, airports have been polluting our waterways.

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