"Advocating a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry"

US-CAW Mission Statement:

Protecting the public’s health, environment, property and promoting safety. We are an organization of several experienced civic-minded noise - environmental airport groups that established a national organization named US-Citizens Aviation Watch.

A plan of action to protect people from aviation industry abuses is being developed. The plan is aimed at protecting the public from adverse environmental impacts that aviation and airport activities have on public health, air/water/ground/noise pollution and property issues affecting everyone on our planet.

US-Citizens Aviation Watch is also charged with developing and furthering policies to protect individual communities and environmental health.

The organization's first priority is passage of the Quiet Communities Act. This Act calls for the reauthorization of funding to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Noise Abatement and Control. The legislation takes the responsibility of monitoring the health effects of noise pollution out of the hands of the agency that promotes the air transport industry, the Federal Aviation Administration, and puts it into the hands of the agency (EPA), that is responsible for protecting the public’s health and the environment.

The organization’s guiding principle advocates a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry.

US-Citizens Aviation Watch will link hundreds of other organizations and millions of citizens world-wide, to educate and lobby others about the consequences of airport expansion to their health, environment, property, and loss of quality of life.”

What We Do

US-CAW has given testimony in Washington, DC regarding noise and health, a long list of airport related environmental concerns to the US House Sub-Committee on Environment and Energy. We have also testified to the US-EPA, as to why they should include airports in their Toxic Release Inventory that would require airports to report every toxic release they produce, much of which is presently unknown. We have presented statements to the Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Interagency Committee on Aircraft Noise on noise and other issues. We have taken legal action against airports regarding water pollution.

We have also collectively supported the Quiet Communities Act which would reinstate the EPA's Office of Noise Abatement and Control. A number of US House and Senate representatives across the country have agreed to sign on to and co-sponsor the bills due to US-CAW member organization requests.

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