Which communities have been successful preventing airport expansion?

None permanently. O'Hare is the only one that has been temporally successful, (10 years) to my knowledge, to date.

What factors helped them to be successful?

Political power. Lawsuits. Working with other airport noise-environmental organizations. We also have the support of many medical and environmental organizations.

What are the key pieces of information that we need to know?

Your airport expansion is not a local, but a national issue. Actually it is part of Congress and the Administration's plan regarding the globalization of the economy. Airport expansion is occurring all over the world. We are working not only nationally, but with scores of other countries.

Has anyone compiled these into a booklet or collection of articles?

No. This is a dynamic situation. There are certain predictable situations that we advise our members about. We work on new strategies together.

Are any of the fed regulations particularly significant?

Clean air, water, noise and anti-trust laws.

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